Welcome to the SNAP Roundtable!

In case you missed the official announcement from SAA, here’s how to sign up for the SNAP listserv. If you don’t have an SAA profile, you need to create that first (you don’t have to be an SAA member, and it’s free). To check if you already have an SAA profile, and sign up for one if you don’t, go here. Once you have a profile, you can go in and choose the listservs you want to subscribe to, including SNAP.

SNAP’s microsite is here. This blog may be retired as we move into our new SAA-provided webspace. If that happens, there will be an announcement here.

We did it!


WE CAN HAZ ROUNDTABLE? Original image from Center for Jewish History on Flickr Commons

Still waiting on official word from SAA, but according to Kate, our roundtable is approved! Go us!

Until we get web space from SAA, we’ll continue to use this blog to keep you informed about what’s next for the group. Stay tuned, and feel free to start sharing ideas in the comments or by email.

Let’s write this proposal!

Our proposal is now a Google Doc that you can read and comment on! If you want editing privileges, comment here with the email address field filled out (it won’t be visible except to the blog admins) or follow the instructions in the Google Doc. Plenty of room to add more stuff, and please add anything you think is even remotely relevant–the proposal team will edit everything before we send it in.

Our goal is to submit the finished petition to SAA on Tuesday and start collecting signatures on Wednesday. To sign the petition, all you have to do is send an email to SAA (and be an SAA member). We’ll have instructions up next week for how to do that.

Happy editing!

ETA 12/20: The petition will close for editing TONIGHT at 8 PM.