Welcome to the SNAP Roundtable!

In case you missed the official announcement from SAA, here’s how to sign up for the SNAP listserv. If you don’t have an SAA profile, you need to create that first (you don’t have to be an SAA member, and it’s free). To check if you already have an SAA profile, and sign up for one if you don’t, go here. Once you have a profile, you can go in and choose the listservs you want to subscribe to, including SNAP.

SNAP’s microsite is here. This blog may be retired as we move into our new SAA-provided webspace. If that happens, there will be an announcement here.

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Archivist, librarian, webcomicker.

5 Responses to Welcome to the SNAP Roundtable!

  1. Sarah P. says:

    Bad news. I joined the RT and double-checked that I was signed up for the listserv but I can’t access the webforum or see any listserv messages. I assume there have been some…

  2. Lindsay Z. says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this. I have been lurking on the page for the last couple months; I’ve been busy starting my first ‘real’ archives job (hurray!). I am presenting a poster presentation at SAA this year, however, so I am excited that I will actually be able to come to the RT meeting and meet everyone. It’s good there will be a place for the all the newbies!

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