Last-minute editing request

UPDATE: Re-submitted! No more editing needed. Thanks for all your help.

Hi all,

SAA just informed me that our petition needs to be in this format (Word doc). And the deadline is tomorrow. The original petition is here (pdf), and the draft I’m working on right now is here (Google Doc). Please help if you can!


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  1. Sarah P. says:

    While we wait for the SAA Council to vote on SNAP, why don’t we start working on the nitty-gritty details of what SNAP is going to do? We’ve had lots of suggestions on this blog — it’s time to find all of those and start putting them together!

    A few thoughts:
    -An easy access online presentation to introduce the SAA and SNAP. Talk about resources, opportunities, related organizations and means of connecting with other members.

    -Set-up methods of communication between SNAP administration, SNAP members, and anyone else with a thought. Facebook, Twitter, start a new blog. All these in addition to a list-serve. Start taking concrete suggestions from students and archivists.

    -A presentation or panel on searching for a job — online resources, ways of searching job aggregaters such as Simply Hired, keyword searching. Understanding the job posting, average salary, questions to ask and questions interviewees will ask. How to use an interview to further your own knowledge of a subject area. When to start looking for a job, odd-ball locations to search and find jobs.

    -Do something with the Lone Arrangers RT. I joined this RT as a new professional (in a decent size archive) and the listserve at least has been wonderful to follow. A definite help for me as a new professional.

    -Start doing presentations on shoring up weak areas of knowledge after schooling/while working full-time. Sessions on accessioning for photo archivists. Digital conversion 101 for everyone who doesn’t do that on a daily basis.

    • Rebecca says:

      These are awesome! If (Once?) we get approved, the very first thing we have to do–before picking officers, or planning events, or setting up communication channels–is decide what we’ll do with our RT meeting slot at the annual meeting. Meeting summaries are due February 13, and since this group is committed to transparency and inclusiveness, it will take some time to get feedback and share our plan with the membership before sending the summary off to SAA. Any ideas?

  2. Sarah says:

    Planning for an RT meeting in August is going to be trickey since we’re just getting started. We may benefit from being more vauge than not.

    Off the top of my head:

    –Introductory session for general SAA members
    –Review everything we come up with in our little group here between now and the meeting
    –Solicit feedback

    I haven’t been to the Annual meeting before or any RT meeting. What’s the structure for these meetings? What resources would we have at our disposal?

    • Rebecca says:

      Roundtables don’t have much structure. We can do whatever we want. My biggest concern is keeping people who can’t attend as involved as possible–tricky without wifi. So using our meeting slot to vote for officers (which some RTs do) is not an option. I’d like it to be something that we can record and share online afterwards, so our members at home will get something out of it.

      RTs have to apply for AV support, and the hotel doesn’t have free wifi. I think we’re guaranteed a meeting space, but I’m not sure.

  3. Sarah says:

    I know that the University of Texas iSchool had started doing a podcast — we could see if we could get them or another student group (or anyone with the skills) to record the RT session. We would then need to upload it somewhere so others could listen in.

    Of course, doing a podcast of the RT session would require that the session be a bit more structured. I’m guessing we’d need mikes and recording equipement (but we may be okay with someone’s laptop). Something to look into, I think.

    It’s a real shame there’s no wifi. Is there anyway we could get the Internet? if we could get some kind of connection, we could stream the session online and also have a live chat session going. People who aren’t there can type in questions and discuss things amongst themselves. All that the people present would need to do is make sure to have one person (at least) monitoring the chat session so they can bring up questions and comments to the group.

    Changing gears slightly, I think the format of the RT session will really depend on how many attendees there are. What works for a small group will probably be a disaster in a large group. We may need to come up with a general agenda to submit to the SAA and then plan for different size sessions. As we get closer to the meeting, we’ll be better able to judge how best to have a successful meeting.

    We definitely need to reach out to all the student chapters and groups at Library and Information Science/Studies schools. That’ll give us an awesome tech base to work from while also drawing upon one of the groups we’ve stated we want to help.

  4. Sarah says:

    If we get approved, do we get a budget or funding from SAA? Or are we on our own?

    • Rebecca says:

      We don’t get any funding from SAA, but we do get things like a meeting room at the Annual Meeting, a listserv, and space on the SAA website. Honestly, even if we had a budget, I’m not sure what we’d spend it on.

      • Sarah says:

        What can we do with the website space? Could we put a webforum up on it? A blog or journal?

      • Rebecca says:

        I don’t know. The roundtable has to be approved first.

      • Sarah says:

        Okay, I don’t know how much of this is still good but…

        Theoretically, a forum could be added to this blog. I’m a participant in a phpbb forum and it’s mostly straightforward. It would also be advantagous since people who have been visiting this blog wouldn’t have to go find a new link. All the previous discussions regarding the need for a new RT would also be accessible.

        I think it may to our advantage to have a way for members of the RT to share information, dhave discussions and communicate with the RT leadership a format more accessible than a newsletter or a mailing list.

        In order to comply with the SAA’s governing requirements regarding auxiliary websites, I’d suggest that we would simply make one of the officers the forum admin. Chief Technology Officer or something like that.

    • Rebecca says:

      Actually, reading the roundtable guidelines again, it looks like we can request funding:

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