What’s in a name?

So, this roundtable needs a name. My suggestion, New Archivists Zealous for Improvement, has already been shot down. Post suggestions here! Some things to consider:

  • It should acronym well. New Archivists’ Roundtable –> NART = no good.
  • This group aims to serve the needs of archivists new to the profession, students in archives programs, archivists early in their archives careers, archivists who haven’t found jobs yet, and archives-minded people in related careers (like librarians and records managers). It would be awesome if our group name could reflect all of these constituencies without being ridiculously long.
  • This group is for new archivists, but not necessarily young archivists. Any name with young in it is right out.
  • Also, no miscellaneous in the title. This one should be obvious.
Note: you do NOT have to be a new archivist, or even a prospective member, to suggest a name!

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11 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. Laura DeMuro says:

    How about League of extraordinary new archivists. It would acronym to LENA.

  2. Sarah P. says:

    I’ve brought this to the attention of friends with a knack for names. Here are the first offerings I’ve received:

    New Archivists United
    Record Junkies ( provided for chuckle value only)
    Society of New Archival Professionals-SNAP
    NEW Archival Professionals Association-NAPA

  3. Sarah P. says:

    Two more:

    Roundtable of New Archival Professionals
    New Archival Professionals
    The Order of New Archival Professionals

  4. John says:

    Perhaps ‘early career’ would be a more appropriate descriptor than ‘new’? Not sure I want to be known as a noob for an extended period of time…

    • Rebecca says:

      Some of our prospective members are earlier than early career, I think–what about students, or archivists still applying for their first professional job?

  5. Society for Early Career Archival Professionals (SECAP) sounds like we’re trying to say “sea captain” and failing.
    Future Archivists of America (FAA)?
    Welcoming Early Archivists (WEA) wheeeeeee!

    I think I like SNAP, as well.

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