What’s in a name?

So, this roundtable needs a name. My suggestion, New Archivists Zealous for Improvement, has already been shot down. Post suggestions here! Some things to consider:

  • It should acronym well. New Archivists’ Roundtable –> NART = no good.
  • This group aims to serve the needs of archivists new to the profession, students in archives programs, archivists early in their archives careers, archivists who haven’t found jobs yet, and archives-minded people in related careers (like librarians and records managers). It would be awesome if our group name could reflect all of these constituencies without being ridiculously long.
  • This group is for new archivists, but not necessarily young archivists. Any name with young in it is right out.
  • Also, no miscellaneous in the title. This one should be obvious.
Note: you do NOT have to be a new archivist, or even a prospective member, to suggest a name!

Well, what will come next?

Kate Theimer, master of all things Archives and Next, rightly asks, “What’s next for this group?” Below is sort of an outline of the topics we need to discuss as we put together a proposal. In the coming weeks, we’ll have a whole post dedicated to each of these topics.

Do suggest additional topics in the comments, and if you’d like to write a guest post about any of these, let us know!

  • Name: What should we call this group? New Archivists Round Table doesn’t acronym well.
  • Purpose: Why does SAA need a roundtable for new archivists? (We sort of answered this one in the last post, but we need to create a formal statement of purpose.)
  • Activities: What activities will this group engage in?
  • Relationships: How can the group work with other SAA groups, like sections, other roundtables, and student chapters?
  • Leadership: What administrative positions should we have? How should we choose leaders?
  • Defining “new”: The group will be open to anyone, including non-SAA members, but I’d like to see leadership roles reserved for new archivists. How should we define new archivists for this purpose? (Age is not an acceptable criterion–we’re new archivists, but not necessarily young archivists.)
  • Annual meeting: What should we use our annual meeting time for?
  • Remote participation: How will RT members who can’t come to SAA participate in our meeting? How will members participate the rest of the year?