Why a roundtable for new archivists?

Other professional organizations have established groups to meet the needs of new professionals. ALA has a Young Professionals Working Group. The Society of Archivists has a Section for New ProfessionalsWe think the Society of American Archivists needs a similar group for new archivists.

Here are some things we think an SAA roundtable for new archivists could accomplish:

  • Advocate for new archivists within SAA and within the archival profession
  • Provide a space for discussion of issues affecting new archivists
  • Allow new archivists to gain leadership experience through roundtable service

And why a roundtable, as opposed to some other type of group? Check out the SAA Council Handbook section on roundtables. We think our goals fit the description of a roundtable pretty nicely.

What do you think?  Does SAA need a roundtable just for new archivists? What might it accomplish? (And if you’re wondering what makes someone a new archivist…don’t worry, that’s an upcoming post.)